Autograph Gin


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The Brief

On the local and global stage, the gin market is saturated with a multitude of craft variations. Provenance in this category is extremely hard to achieve. OFyt needed to find a way to differentiate Autograph Gin in an already oversaturated category and present a sipping gin at a premium price point.

The Solution

Rather than owning one specific aspect of gin, we claimed and leveraged the history of the entire category. Autograph became the signature on a millennium of gin making. Its inspiration and identity lies in the rich, colourful history dating back to the inception of gin: from the Benedictine Monks and the Black Plague, to London’s gin craze, to the lips of cosmopolitan society.

The Result

Autograph Gin is the embodiment of this timeless tradition, encapsulating over a thousand years of passion, inspiration and discovery - perfection distilled.