The Crazy Store Brand Campaign 2016

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Brand Campaign 2016

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The Brief

The Crazy Store campaign aims to communicate to a wider audience what The Crazy Store stands for, not just what it sells, and to highlight the brand’s bright, bold, whacky personality in the process. It’s a brand building campaign, and experience tells us that that’s the way best to drive sales, too.

The Solution

Five stop-motion commercials were produced which showcase the brand’s bright, friendly personality, as well as the store’s impressive range of products. Each commercial uses the brand mascot, a yellow duck, interacting with different TCS products. What also makes the ads special is that every item in each commercial was either an off-the-shelf product, or was made from items available at the store. The airplane, for example, was made from straws, felt pads, crafting board and modelling clay. The clouds were made from cotton wool on painted sosatie sticks.

The Result

A win for The Crazy Store. Within two weeks of the campaign’s launch, the first ad, Novelty Toys, already had over 57 000 views on YouTube.