Local Storytelling with New KIA Brand TVC

July 15 2019

KIA South Africa launched a new brand ad TVC, The Wedding, which focuses on storytelling content that will resonate with South Africans – with real appeal for real people.

The Wedding comes after a series of successful, humorous ads have flighted that tell the South African story; “When you’re authentically South African it makes it easy for people to fall in love with a brand,” says Khayalethu Hlatshwayo, OFYT Account Director, “ One thing that South Africans all have in common is a particular sense of humour – and we weave this humour through all our KIA ads.”

The brand ad comes out after the release of two South African story ads: Sloth and Dinges flighted in flighted earlier this year. Sloth, aimed to highlight that the KIA Sportage is not purely the Monday to Friday mode of transport but is an extended family member that also carries duties like family holidays, social engagements and weekend getaways.

Dinges positioned the KIA K2 as a trusted partner in the success of any small business, it highlighted the versatility and value in a business environment – the ad celebrated small business owners in a uniquely South African context, while always remaining true to the KIA brand essence.
The company first asked the question of what it meant to be in a country for 20-years – and re-looking the marketing strategy, the answer that became clear was to adapt from a strategy of repurposing work from the international library to one of localised storytelling. The intention was to position KIA as a proudly South African brand – and to do this, it was important that advertising was localised to increase the brand relevance.