OFyt Welcomes FUTURELIFE to the Family

February 01 2019

Towards the end of 2018 we added to our client portfolio by welcoming FUTURELIFE® to the fold. We hit the ground running by reworking the brand strategy and putting together a new campaign for the functional food brand, which is supported by a television commercial (TVC), public relations, in-store and social media campaign.

The first task tackled was creating a new TVC for FUTURELIFE® Smart food™, which challenges and encourages South African families to change the way they see their breakfast cereal and to make the smart choice by choosing FUTURELIFE® Smart food™.

The FUTURELIFE® Smart food™ “Change” Campaign was launched in February, aiming to reframe FUTURELIFE’s position in the cereal category and bring the product to a new segment of consumers. The TVC looked at how everything in life has changed, with a fresh and relatable family perspective, reinforcing the idea that making healthier and more progressive food choices should be a no-brainer, especially in a world that is getting exponentially smarter and better.

We then went on to successfully relaunch the FUTURELIFE® High Protein Bread, Granola Bars and Oats with Ancient Grains. Big things are on the horizon for the brand, so keep your eyes peeled for more.