OFyt Launches New Consumer Engagement Agency

October 15 2015

OFyt and Tanya Oakes-Bertram have joined forces to form an agency specialising in Consumer Engagement called CHOM.

From integrated marketing communications planning to strategic database marketing, CHOM covers the spectrum of consumer engagement with a particular focus on direct channels of communication that elicit a response from consumers.

Utilising advocacy programmes, social CRM, online research panels and loyalty programmes as required, CHOM has a range of consumer engagement methodologies at its disposal to best meet the consumer's needs. These are established and assessed through an in-depth understanding of consumer insights, behavioural patterns and relationships with brand.

'In the past I've largely worked in silo agencies, where the integration with communication planning is an afterthought', says Tanya. "Through this partnership with OFYT, I'm really excited about being able to design and craft unified and connected consumer engagement programs which can be driven collaboratively.'
As a BA Honours Psychology Graduate, Tanya has a wealth of high level experience in brand strategy, digital strategy, CRM, loyalty marketing, customer insight, online advertising, social media marketing, digital media and scenario planning. Before founding CHOM she was a managing partner at Oscar Tango, consumer planning manager at Brandhouse SA, strategic director at G2 Worldwide, and head of CRM & digital strategy at OgilvyOne.

'We are incredibly excited to have someone of Tanya's experience and talent join us to create this specialist agency,'says OFYT's Group Strategy Director Jonty Fisher. 'CRM and engagement planning are critical skill sets for the modern agency, and we've nabbed the best out there.'

Tanya's many career highlights include well known projects such as the Levi's' Loop Loyalty Programme, the Distell Relationship Marketing Consultancy Project, as well as running the General Motors account across multiple brands and expanding the J&J Pharmacy Academy into two additional African markets.