OFyt brand commercial for KIA

December 05 2013

Today Kia Motors of South Africa and Ofyt launched their first Brand commercial together. The 60 second commercial, made with the help of John Varty of Londolozi and Tiger Canyon fame, tells the story of a young Asian tiger cub which finds itself in the harsh, unwelcoming African veld.

We see the cub's first clumsy attempts to hunt, including encounters with tortoises, snakes, ostriches, springbok and Cape Buffalo. Gradually as it grows it becomes more and more confident, finally able to hunt and kill on its own.
It's a perfect metaphor for the way Kia has grown in South Africa to become a permanent fixture in the South Africa Car Market with a growing market share.

As the commercial says, and as evidenced by its 100,000 strong South African Facebook fanbase, it's becoming one of the most loved car brands in Africa. The commercial was made entirely from stock footage shot by John Varty during his 14 years of experience introducing and rearing tigers in the South African environment. It was edited by Kobus Loots of Upstairs Post in Cape Town.