Adfocus Agency of the Year Nomination

November 29 2013

Financial Mail's AdFocus puts OFyt on the shortlist for Agency of the Year (and this after just 20 months in business!)

Here's what the judges had to say:-

'It's always gratifying when new agencies make it to the final stages of awards. This year, there were two new names on the AdFocus shortlist: OwenKessel and OFyt. They were up against Ireland/Davenport, Metropolitan-Republic, O&M Cape Town and our 2012 winner, Joe Public.'

And, more specifically, on OFyt, the judges said:

'OFyt, in its entry for this award, says its name stands for 'Old Friends and young talent'. Well, that's a relief. Since the agency launched a couple of years ago, there have been any number of suggestions what the letters mean, and not all of them polite.

What is clear is that under CEO and co-founder Gary Leih, the model of mixing seasoned advertising professionals with young people ' drawn mainly from disadvantaged background ' is proving highly successful

Last year, revenue more than doubled and staff numbers grew from 19 to 41, with the opening of a Johannesburg agency. It's hard, however, to understand why anyone would want to work in Gauteng when the Cape head office is on the Muizenberg beachfront.

New account wins included KIA Motors and The Crazy Store.

OFyt's business model and growth ' not forgetting its level 1 BEE rating ' all impressed the AdFocus judges. However, being such a young agency (that's the agency itself, not the shareholders), its awards cupboard is almost bare. It if makes up that deficit in the next couple of years, it really will give everyone something to think about.'

All of us at OFyt congratulate the winners, Ogilvy Cape Town.