Why Tie Thursdays?

Ryan Jans

October 22 2012

The traits that once were the centerpieces that defined our grandfather's generation are now harder to find than a parking spot on a Friday night outside a trendy restaurant. One trait that seems completely abandoned by our generation, is the art of being a gentleman. The word gentleman is something rarely said or practiced in today's fast paced living. We tend to forget what being a gentleman is all about ' what it means to be a real man.

So in this post modern, technology driven, 24/7, crazy world we live in, #tiethursday's represent an ode to the 'good ol' days'.

The wearing of a tie is merely the tip of the iceberg . The tie itself is not of any importance really: It's merely neckwear consisting of a long narrow piece of material worn under a collar and tied in knot at the front.

That said however, the tie in #tiethursday serves as symbol. It's an acceptance of the modern gentleman's way of life. A lifestyle choice and an acknowledgement of one's responsibility to earn the pride one holds for oneself. It represents chivalry, compassion, knowledge, nobility, proper behavior, and independence which are all essential ingredients when living as a modern gentleman.

It's about being courteous, well mannered, well tempered and charming. It's about holding doors, standing when ladies stand, pulling out chairs, offering to put on her coat before putting on your own, and most importantly about protecting not only your friends and loved ones, but standing tall for what you believe in. It's about holding true to a moral code of your own definition, and when it's challenged, have the presence and strength to meet that challenge head on.

Being a Modern Gentleman doesn't mean leaving fear behind, but holding the eye of fear with both hands and moving forward with courage ' classy, well mannered courage. A true Gentleman isn't flawless ' quite the contrary in fact, but he looks to the core of himself and chips away all the bad that keeps him from being the best that he can be.

And so every #tiethursday, when putting on our tie, we remind ourselves about our quest to be better people ' to be better men.

Join in and tag #TieThursday anywhere you post a pic of yourself /colleagues sporting your ties.