Putting five 'i's back into South African Advertising

Gary Leih

November 29 2013

As we near the end of 2013, it is perhaps both timeous and prudent to take stock of our place in the global world of advertising. Ours is a great South African industry, capable of producing great work, great leaders and great agencies.

This we have all contributed to in the past, but the question is: are we capable of doing so in the future? While most of advertising is a collaborative effort, there has always been and will always be lots of room for individual development through individual effort.

And it is this effort on the part of each and every individual that we need now - more than ever.

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Why we need to indigenise advertising in SA

Gary Leih

April 11 2013

Advertising is often described as a reflection of the state of a society. A quirk of the SA ad industry is that, in most cases, it is tasked with creating appeal for products and services aimed at the majority of the people in our country. Yet after nearly 20 years of democracy, the industry mostly continues to mirror the minority!

Where are we drawing our insights from? How do we understand the subtle nuances that can often determine the success or failure of so-called big ideas? Ironically, we continue to look to the European markets for our inspiration. Perhaps it started with the 1970s Cool Britannia spate of work that every creative in South Africa aspired to emulate. Thus, the work of legendary UK agencies such as CDP, AMV, BBH and Saatchi & Saatchi was held up, idolised and emulated by all of us.

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Why Tie Thursdays?

Ryan Jans

October 22 2012

The traits that once were the centerpieces that defined our grandfather's generation are now harder to find than a parking spot on a Friday night outside a trendy restaurant. One trait that seems completely abandoned by our generation, is the art of being a gentleman. The word gentleman is something rarely said or practiced in today's fast paced living. We tend to forget what being a gentleman is all about ' what it means to be a real man.

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Lessons not learnt (well, not yet anyway)

Gary Leih

September 25 2012

After nearly thirty-three years in this industry, I am adopting the old adage 'The more things change, the more they stay the same' as my professional and personal mantra.

It is both alarming and amusing to me that we, as the communications industry, allow ourselves to be nervous and sometimes even downright frightened by the latest trends and developments and all the resultant 'new speak' that quickly develops and evolves around these trends and developments.

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