Agency Methodology

We believe that fundamentally great work is produced by a combination of understanding, insights, ideas and messaging. The media landscape is constantly changing and evolving. In our history as marketing practitioners we have witnessed the advent of television in South Africa, the comings - and goings - of the great 'dot.con' in the mid-nineties, the revival of the internet through Web 2.0 in 2005, and the advent of social media and the rise of mobile thereafter. Through all of this change, what has never changed has been the fact that insights and ideas are paramount and that messaging must be tailored to deliver the idea in the most customer-relevant fashion possible, via the most relevant channel.

Our process is simple. We dig, exploring the product and the marketplace, uncover insights, conceptualize, select the best mediums to solve the marketing problem, then write, art direct, and design. Our communications are always 360, and all have strong digital components.

We involve our clients early and often in our thinking and doing.