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The Brief

Khoki is a fledgling operation of just eight stores nationally. The business is dedicated to encouraging children’s personal growth through creative and educational pursuits. Khoki needed to create brand awareness within a very specific market and with a limited budget.

The Solution

With little budget and a complicated offer, we concentrated the scarce marketing monies primarily in stores and in the centres Khoki stores are housed in. Through the use of a fictional character called Okie, an intrepid explorer, and his companion, a curious cat, we invited potential customers into the stores by means of leaflets, giant window decals and posters. In store the characters guide parents and kids through the aisles and shelves carrying the varied merchandise mix. Their role is to both explain and to entice parents and their children to open their minds and lives to discovery.

The Result

Khoki encouraged the age-old art of hands-on play - so much so that the sales objectives for both Christmas and Back to School were met and exceeded.