Caitlin Leih


After growing up in Aussie, who can blame Caitlin for being more muddled than a platypus with a looking glass regarding what to do after school, aside from losing her accent as quickly as possible.

So after studying at UCT, she hitched a flight to London and studied cheffing at Le Cordon Bleu. After realising there were easier ways to make minimum wage, she joined a small agency in Sydney as a production assistant and worked her way up to TV producer.

Caitlin then spent 3yrs at Ogilvy Sydney, 2.5yrs at Ogilvy Cape Town, bounced around a couple of other places and then joined Old Friends Young Talent.

She's worked as a TV Assistant, TV Producer, Editing Studio Manager, Music Studio Manager, Digital Producer and finally Copywriter.

She also wants to become a pilot in her spare time, and is totally willing to trade cakes for flight lessons.

Her accent still comes out sometimes, but she's working on it.