Creative Director Relay Party

December 08 2016

The 29th of November, marked a memorable occasion for the team at Old Friends Young Talent, a South African advertising and communications agency, as they bid their farewells to ECD & partner Greg Burke and officially welcomed in new partnering and NCD, Chris Gotz.

Greg Burke, a stalwart and veteran, who has almost 40 years of experience under his belt across both national and internationally recognised brands, has decided to finally say goodbye to the industry and settle in France.

"Although we are very sad to bid our farewells to Greg, who has been with us for the last four years, we are also very excited to see Chris fill his shoes and continue his legacy with our team. Thank you, Greg for all you have done for us over the last few years, and thank you Chris for wanting to throw your lot in with us and help take this agency to the next level of creative communication excellence. We’re looking forward to a very exciting time.” Says Gary Leih, CEO.

The night saw an array of speakers from advertising heavyweight legends such as Bob Rightford – founder of “Rightford, Searle-Tripp, Makin” now “Ogilvy & Mather”; Old Friends Young Talent’s CEO Gary Leih; ECD’s Jono Shubitz & Greg Burke and latest NCD Chris Gotz.

Topics covered the continuing lack of transformation in the advertising industry over the last few decades and contrasted with the ongoing internship programme at Old Friends Young Talent. So far, 36 interns have graduated from the programme over the past four years and many were with us on the night.

Finally, the establishment of the Kasi Friends Kasi Talent agency, situated in Khayelitsha, was showcased by means of a video and a presentation by Tilldan Bungani – one of OFYT’s very first interns who now manages the Kasi agency’s clients.